Cardiology X-Ray quiz

Cardiology X-Ray quiz – X-ray chest PA view shows:

a) Starr–Edwards prosthetic mitral valve

b) Starr–Edwards prosthetic aortic valve

c) Bjork–Shiley prosthetic tricuspid valve

d) Bjork–Shiley prosthetic pulmonary valve

Answer to Cardiology X-Ray quiz

a) Starr–Edwards prosthetic mitral valve

Explanation for Cardiology X-Ray quiz

It is a caged ball prosthesis with four struts facing downwards and to the apex, suggestive of mitral location. The valve is below the line joining the pulmonary bay and right cardiophrenic angle. Aortic prosthesis is situated above this line. Prominent ascending aorta and aortic knuckle as well as sternotomy suture wires are visible. Right atrium is enlarged, with a shadow within shadow indicating co-existing left atrial enlargement. Both these can be a sequel of previous mitral valve disease. Left atrial appendage is not prominent on the left cardiac border, possibly because it has been removed during a previous closed surgical mitral valvotomy.