Acute severe AR – Cardiology MCQ – Answer

Most common cause of acute severe aortic regurgitation:

Correct answer: b) Infective endocarditis

Though acute rheumatic fever can produce aortic regurgitation, usually mitral regurgitation is the dominant lesion in acute rheumatic carditis.

Aortic dissection can cause acute aortic regurgitation if the dissection flap reaches the level of the aortic valve.

Myocardial infarction can cause acute mitral regurgitation if a papillary muscle is severely ischemic or ruptures, but not aortic regurgitation.

Most common cause of chronic aortic regurgitation in the Western world is degenerative disease of bicuspid or trileaflet aortic valve. In developing countries, rheumatic fever is still an important cause for chronic aortic regurgitation.

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