Type III LAD with proximal lesion

Type III LAD with proximal lesion

Left coronary angiogram showing a type III left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery with a proximal narrowing (black arrow). Mid and distal parts of LAD are free of significant disease and is a good sized vessel.

Type I LAD does not reach up to the apex while type II reaches up to the apex. Type III LAD curves around the apex to supply a portion of the inferior wall as well.

LMCA (yellow arrow): left main coronary artery; LCX (blue label): left circumflex coronary artery. Narrowing of the proximal region of the middle branch of the LCX is also seen (not marked). It is an obtuse marginal (OM) branch. This angiogram has been taken in the postero-anterior projection with a cranial angulation (PA Cranial). It is a good view for the mid and distal regions of the LAD to be visualized in full length. Caudally tilted views are better for the proximal regions. LCX is seen curving posteriorly from the lateral heart border and traversing the atrioventricular groove posteriorly. Mild narrowing of the distal portion of LCX is also faintly visualised. Beyond that LCX seems to be giving rise to posterior left ventricular branches (PLV). But that region is not very clear in this still shot.

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