General Questions on Heart Diseases

Frequently Asked Questions About Heart Diseases

  1. Blood vessels of the heart (coronary arteries)
  2. Can a 12 year old die of heart attack?
  3. Can a fast heart rate damage your heart?
  4. Can a floppy atrial septum cause stroke?
  5. Can a pacemaker prevent atrial fibrillation?
  6. Can a person with a pacemaker run?
  7. Can a teenager have heart disease?
  8. Can an implantable device like a pacemaker be damaged by an electric shock?
  9. Can and ECG detect a silent heart attack?
  10. Can atrial fibrillation cause ventricular fibrillation?
  11. Can cardiac arrest occur during exercise programs?
  12. Can chewable aspirin remove plaque in your arteries?
  13. Can disc problems mimic a heart attack?
  14. Can drinking plenty of fluids bring up the pressure in a person with low blood pressure?
  15. Can ecg detect all heart problems?
  16. Can heart rate and blood pressure vary during the day?
  17. Can magnesium deficiency in blood affect the heart?
  18. Can psychological stress cause cardiac arrhythmia?
  19. Can radiofrequency ablation cause absent p waves?
  20. Can repeated blood pressure measurements be harmful?
  21. Can right ventricular conduction delay cause a heart attack?
  22. Can someone with a heart murmur join the airforce?
  23. Can spontaneous cure occur for cardiac ailments?
  24. Can supraventricular ectopics appear like ventricular ectopics?
  25. Can the blood pressure be different in different limbs?
  26. Can the heart rate be low in a person taking medication for high blood pressure?
  27. Can the right atrium function as a hydraulic pump in Fontan circulation?
  28. Can the scar of open heart surgery become prominent after a few months?
  29. Can you control high blood pressure without medications?
  30. Can you explain the mechanism of heart muscle contraction?
  31. Can you have a heart attack if your blood pressure is normal?
  32. Can you have air inside the heart?
  33. Can you help a cardiac arrest victim (someone whose heart has stopped beating) without giving mouth to mouth breathing?
  34. Can you mention an adverse effect common to many antihypertensive drugs?
  35. Can you open up narrowed heart valves (stenosed) without surgery?
  36. Can you stop your heart by breath holding?
  37. Cardiac catheterisation laboratory – place where angiography and inteventions are done
  38. Cardiac Pacemaker
  39. What surgery is done for a stenosed valve?
  40. 5 Steps towards a healthier heart
  41. All of the following are revised Jones major criteria for the diagnosis of rheumatic fever except:
  42. Amazing heart facts
  43. Angiography – X-ray imaging of your blood vessels
  44. Aortic Regurgitation – leakage of the valve between left ventricle and the aorta
  45. Aortic Stenosis – narrowing of the valve between left ventricle and aorta
  46. Are heart attack and cardiac arrest the same?
  47. Are pickles good for a person with high blood pressure?
  48. Are the heart rate and pulse rate the same?
  49. Are there any side effects for defibrillation of the heart?
  50. Artificial pacemaker for the heart
  51. Athlete’s heart – a physiological condition which mimicks disease
  52. Atrial septal defect (ASD) – hole in the wall between two upper chambers of the heart
  53. Ballon mitral valvotomy – the modern treatment for mitral stenosis
  54. Cholesterol – the good, the bad and the ugly – Part 1
  55. Cholesterol – the good, the bad and the ugly – Part 2
  56. Conduction system of the heart
  57. Closed heart surgery for mitral stenosis (closed mitral valvotomy)
  58. Coronary angioplasty – unclog your blood vessels
  59. Coronary arteries – blood vessels supplying your heart
  60. Coronary Steal – Who is stealing what?
  61. Do You Have a Weight Problem? (Part 1)
  62. Does an ECG / EKG rule out all cardiac problems?
  63. Does an implanted defibrillator prevent death from a heart attack?
  64. Does statin therapy increase the chance of type 2 diabetes mellitus?
  65. Echocardiography – ultrasound scanning of the heart
  66. Electrocardiogram (ECG) – recording electrical signals from the heart
  67. Does the heart rate change with age?
  68. Endomyocardial Fibrosis (EMF) – disease of the developing world
  69. Friable heart tissue
  70. Fluroscopy for evaluation of prosthetic valves
  71. Fontan circulation
  72. Framingham risk score for coronary artery disease
  73. Friedewald’s equation for calculating VLDL and LDL
  74. Function of AV valves
  75. Have general question on heart disease?
  76. Heart rate 50/minute at rest, on medications for high BP – Any need to worry?
  77. Holy smokes! You gave me a heart attack
  78. Hormone replacement patches found to decrease heart disease risk
  79. How are arterial emboli removed?
  80. How can a cervical rib produce symptoms similar to heart attack?
  81. Holiday Heart Syndrome
  82. How can genetically determined high cholesterol be treated?
  83. How can people with normal cholesterol get a heart attack?
  84. How can you differentiate hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from athlete’s heart?
  85. How can you identify WPW syndrome on the ECG?
  86. How can you know if the Holter monitor stops recording?
  87. How can you reduce triglycerides by natural means?
  88. How can you make a TR get more prominent during Doppler echo?
  89. How do diuretics lower blood pressure?
  90. How does a defibrillator restart the heart?
  91. How does blood pressure get elevated in polycythemia rubra vera?
  92. How does cardiac defibrillation work?
  93. How does ezetemibe, a cholesterol lowering drug work?
  94. How does heart act as a pump?
  95. How does the electrocardiogram (ECG) help patient care?
  96. How high is the voltage delivered by a defibrillator?
  97. How is high voltage generated in a defibrillator?
  98. How long does it take for a person to die after the heart stops beating?
  99. How long does the smoking related risk remain once you quit smoking?
  100. How low can the blood pressure be reduced in elderly population?
  101. How many defibrillator shocks are given during an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt?
  102. How to remove plaque from your arteries?

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